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viernes, 03 de junio de 2011


Teyuna  Ciudad Perdida

Archaeological Park

Teyuna Ciudad Perdida

Guidebook English

Teyuna Ciudad Perdida Archaeological Park is a clear example of contemporary society’s fascination with the past and its continued allure, but it is also a place of profound historical silences in a territory inhabited for thousands of years before the arrival of the first European settlers to the New World.

In comparison to other pre-Columbian societies of Central and South America however, we still know very little about the Tairona, even though continuing archaeological research in the area adds new and valuable information every year. Since its official discovery in 1976, various archaeological projects have tried to address these silences and answer the different questions that assault us once we gain a sense of the complexity and monumentality of a place such as Teyuna Ciudad Perdida. This information is strewn about in several unpublished site reports, multiple articles in academic journals, book chapters, and a few books. In this sense, this guidebook is a necessarily abridged and condensed version of all this information, and what we know, or think we know, about these societies. For those who would like to read beyond what this short guidebook offers, I have added a short bibliography at the end. The main purpose of this guidebook is to provide visitors with basic information on the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, its ancient inhabitants, Name given by indigenous and local peoples to the site known as Ciudad Perdida.


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